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We offer timeless craftsmanship, wide range of designs and exceptional product quality. With our roots in Kolkata, Nandini Jewellers has a showroom in Ahmedabad (West), Gujarat, India.

The designs created by our brand are indeed beautiful pieces of art, that not only make a woman look elegant but also make her feel appreciated.

Every piece of jewellery is handcrafted with precision and precious metals, diamonds, pearls, precious stones and filigree work, that bring a fresh perspective and hold the testimony of the one who adorns it. At Nandini Jewellers we always present you with the finest jewellery that is indeed exclusive and exquisite.

The legacy of Nandini Jewellers is in handcrafted fine jewellery. Crafting jewellery is no less than an art, it is a miniature composition, where both magnification and a keen eye play a tirelessly discerning role.


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